Open Positions

Graduate Students and Postdocs:

If you are interested in joining the lab, please contact me to discuss your interests and availability of funding. Our MS and PhD students are typically admitted through the UC Davis Graduate Programs, where I am a member of (Campus Memberships). However, we can discuss further options if you want to join the lab from another program, university or from abroad.


For motivated students, I can offer research internship positions in my lab to gain hands on research experience. I am looking for a minimum of 10-12h/week commitment and will be able to provide undergraduate research 99/199 credits (1 unit for every 3 hours per week per quarter). Depending on your interests and overall time devoted to the lab, we can discuss options to extend this basic internship to develop a solid research plan and project that can be presented on scientific conferences and meetings.

If you are interested, please send me your most recent CV including information about your experiences and interests (e.g. jobs, techniques, instruments, hobbies). Also include any GPA or GRE, which are useful to evaluate your likelihood of being awarded a fellowship.